Tekirdağ İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

Tekirdağ İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

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Tekirdağ province, which has a coast of the Marmara sea and the Black Sea is one of the six cities which have two coastal provinces and a twenty second most populous city in Turkey.

Surface Area : 6,339 km²

Population: 1,055,412

Districts: Cerkezkoy, Corlu, Ergene, Hayrabolu, Kapaklı, Malkara, Marmara Ereglisi, Muratlı, Saray , Suleymanpasha and Sarkoy.


The oldest remains related to human settlement in Tekirdağ have been found in the finds located around the village of Karansilli, Balıtepe near Malkara, Yatak, and Kustepe. These are open-air find places with tools belonging to the Paleolithic Age. They can be dated typologically between one million years and 250 thousand years ago. Menekse Catagı, located just east of Tekirdag, is a place of finds from the Chalcolithic Age to the Hellenistic Period .

Tekirdağ’s old history is parallel to other provinces in Thrace; The region, which was first occupied by the Thracians, was conquered by I. Murat in 1357 after the reign of Macedonian, Persian, Roman and Byzantine eras and joined the Ottoman lands. Tekirdağ, which hosted the rebellious Hungarian prince Rakoczi, who fought independence against the Austrian Empire in 1703, was a sanjak center of the Edirne province in the late Ottoman period. The province, which had a Russian occupation in the 93 War (1878), a Bulgarian in the Balkan War (1912) and a Greek occupation after the World War I (1920-1922), permanently joined the Turkish territory on November 13, 1922.


Tekirdağ, which is one of the highly developed cities of Marmara, is one of the places preferred by holidaymakers with its natural beauties, beach, clean sea, touristic facilities and hospitable people.

Tekirdag  Martyrs ‘Monument: The Martyrs’ monument, built in memory of our soldiers who died during the conquest of Tekirdag in 1949, is among the regions that stimulate the tourism of the city. This martyrdom in memory of our soldiers can be reached with the help of a long ladder. In the middle of the stairs, there is a Turkish flag with stones. There is an inscription in front of the flag. The monument of martyrdom, hidden among the greenery, is the beginning of a meaningful trip. If your path falls to Tekirdag recently, you should definitely visit the martyrdom monument.

Ucmakdere : It is located in one of the interesting valleys where the Ganos fault is shaped by an artist mastery. This village is one of the places where  Turkey’s highest quality grapes grew up. There are 10 monumental trees in this village, which is within the borders of Tekirdag, where there are a few houses. Ucmakdere comes right after Gazikoy. The magnificent view will accompany you while driving. The steep rocks rising on one side and the deep blue sea on the other side. When you come to the end of the road, the magnificent village welcomes you. This is a nature that invites you to set up a tent under the trees and turns into a green paradise with the joy of spring.

Eriklice : Eriklice village, which is affiliated to Sarkoy district of Tekirdag, is one of the closest and most suitable places for holiday. It is small but warm, quiet, but a place to see and live. Eriklice has his own lifestyle and many cultures and different local dishes. Even the games are different and inviting. It is similar to Rumelia games, but not the same. The fact that the sea is clear and has a clean air makes this place attractive. Another feature is only 10 minutes by car to see the beauties of Sarkoy.

Rustem Pasha Complex : The mosque, bathhouse, bedesten, madrasah and library section of the Rustem Pasha Complex continue to exist today. Rustempasha Mosque, which holds the most prominent place in the Rustempasha Complex, was built by Mimar Sinan on a hill overlooking the sea in 1553 by the son-in-law of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, Rustem Pasha .

When the madrasa, 30 meters east of the mosque was destroyed in 1880, a wooden school was established on it. A 6-domed, rectangular planned building in the west of the mosque is one of the parts of the complex, which has been repaired in recent years and can be seen intact with the mosque. On the other hand, there is a bazaar built in 1988 in the east of Rustempasha Mosque. While shopping in this bazaar consisting of 49 shops, you can also examine the architecture of the complex reflecting its period features.

Hora Lighthouse: Hora Lighthouse, which is about 20 km from Sarkoy, has a beauty that will amaze those who see it. Do not forget to take the delicious wines of Tekirdag with you when you go to the Hora Lighthouse, which is in an environment surrounded by nature by the sea.


There are numerous works worth seeing in Tekirdağ. Interesting points of visit include the 17th-century Turkish house, where Hungary’s independence hero Ferenc Rakoczi, who fought against Austria, stayed in the Ottoman Empire in the years 1720-1735. The house is today a museum carries the identity of the ownership of the Hungarian government and Hungarian visiting Turkey is indispensable frequented locations.

In addition, Namık Kemal House, which was the birthplace of Namık Kemal and arranged for its name, was museumized. There is an open-air stage and a viewing area in  the garden. There is an exhibition hall in the basement. It is possible to see ethnographic items in the bedroom section and the works written by the famous poet are worth seeing.

In the city center, there is the only statue of Atatürk in the same dimensions as the reality.

An average of 1 week events are organized under the name of Tekirdag Cherry Festival every year in June. The festival is an important tourist activity for the city center today.



Airline: From the airport in Corlu district, charter flights are organized to Russia and the group of independent countries, and the airport has international status. It is 37 km away  from the city center and its transportation is provided by Corlu minibuses.

Railway : Railways that go to Europe pass through the city limits. Electric train services are available from Tekirdag, Cerkezkoy district to Istanbul .

Highway: International transit E-84 and D-100 Highways pass through the provincial borders. The province has connections with important centers such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Seaway: Passengers / ferries, RoRo services are available to Marmara, Avsa, Erdek, Bandırma, Karabiga by seaways. In Martas Port, which is 39 km away from the city ​​center, in Marmara Ereglisi district, all the services required by modern ports are provided.


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