Uşak İngilizce Tanıtım (Kısa)

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Area of Uşak

Uşak province is located in the Inner West Anatolia section of the Aegean region, at the western edge of the Inner West Anatolian threshold where the Aegean region and Central Anatolia are separated from each other. Kütahya in the north, Afyon in the East, Denizli in the south and Manisa in the West are the provinces. İt is an area of 5341 km2. The western part of the territory of the province opens to the Aegean region with the Gediz Valley. The territory of the province has the appearance of undulating plateaus divided by many valleys. These plateaus descend from northeast to Southwest and take a slightly undulating appearance in some areas. The area of the province is generally in the appearance of undulating plateau. The northern and eastern parts are mountainous, while the southern and western parts are Plains and undulating terrain. 57.5% of the territory of the province consists of plateaus, 37% consists of mountains and 5.5% consists of Plains. The summit of Mount Murat, which has a rich vegetation, hot-cold water sources and natural beauty, is formed by Kartaltepe, which is located at an altitude of 2309 meters. The average elevation of the hilly areas of Mount Murat, whose peak point is located within the borders of Kütahya province, is 1500 m.


Population growth in Uşak is lower than it is in the country. The increase in 1950-1955 is due to the fact that Uşak became a province in 1953 and that Eşme was connected to Uşak from Manisa. In recent years, Turkey has seen a decline in parallel with the rate of population growth. The current population is 367514.


Uşak has 6 different districts:

Uşak (City Center)






Small History

Uşak, which was an “kaza” (meaning a location that was managed by a woman) in the Kütahya Sanjak of Hüdavendigar province during the Ottoman period, remained an “kaza” of Kütahya province again in the administrative arrangement in April 20, 1924. Within the new administrative structure of the Republic of Turkey, Banaz, Sivas, Karahalli and Ulubey Nahiyeri were connected to Uşak. Uşak was made a province by Law No. 6129 dated July 9, 1953 and was connected to Eşme District of Manisa province and was brought to the status of a city.

Places To Travel

Ulubey Canyon

Cilandiras Bridge

Taşyaran Park

Blaundus Antic City

Uşak Atatürk Museum



You can go to Uşak via Plane as the city has an airport. In the city you can use bus minibus taxi or you can rent a car.


Uşak is managed by Ak parti. The mayor  is Mehmet Çakın.

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