Yalova İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

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Area of Yalova

Yalova province, established on the northern shore of the Armutlu Peninsula and the northern foothills of the Samanlı Mountains, is located in the southeastern part of the Marmara region and in the northwest of Turkey. To the north and West is the Sea of Marmara, to the East is the province of Kocaeli, to the South is the province of Bursa and the Gulf of Gemlik. The height of the province from the sea is 2 meters, its highest point is 926 meters. The area is 847 km2. The coast of Yalova, which is the smallest province in Turkey in terms of surface area, does not show any indented and protruding features. The coastline is narrow but shows natural beach features.


Yalova province has a population of 262,234 people. The male population is 50.11%  and the female population is 49.89% . Yalova is 66th out of 81 provinces in terms of total provincial population.


Yalova has 6 districts:







Small History

When the old state salnamas are examined, it is seen that Yalova was a town in 1530 which was connected to Izmit. Yalova was attached to the Central Sanjak of Bursa in 1867 and was attached to The Independent Sanjak of Izmit in 1901. Yalova, which was occupied by Greek military units during the war of independence, was liberated from the enemy occupation on 19 July 1921 with its great struggle. In accordance with a law issued on 2 June 1929 at the request of Atatürk, the district was made and attached to the province of Istanbul. The founder of our Republic, Atatürk the great leader, who came to Yalova for the first time on August 19, 1929 after the war of independence, ensured the reconstruction of Termal. Atatürk was the first guest of the thermal Hotel which opened on 22 January 1938 and stayed in Yalova for 9 days. During the construction of Millet farm in 1929, Atatürk saw that the tree on the West would be cut when he reached the second floor, and moved the building by taking the foundation of the building slightly to the east and prevented the tree from being cut. For this reason, the pavilion is referred to as The Walking Pavilion. Yalova, which Atatürk referred to as ‘the pioneer of liberation’ and ‘my city’, has become a summer capital and was joined among the districts of Istanbul in 1930 at the request of Atatürk, but was made a province in 1995 by leaving the province of Istanbul. Armutlu District of Bursa, Gemlik district and Altınova District of Kocaeli, Karamürsel district have been made within the boundaries of the province.

Places To Travel

Kent Orman Çifte Waterfall

The walking Pavilion

Dipsiz Lake

Karaca Tree Park

Erikli Waterfall

Osmangazi Bridge

Maviş Beach


Yalova does not have an airport so you have to go by bus. Inside the city you can use minibus  bus and taxi or you can rent a car.


Yalova is currently managed by Mustafa Tutuk.

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