Zonguldak İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

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Area of Zonguldak

Zonguldak is a province in the Western Black Sea region, bordering the Black Sea to the west and North. It has a surface area of 3.310 km2. The territory of the province starting from the Black Sea coast is surrounded by the provinces of the Black Sea to the north, Bartın to the Northeast, Karabük to the east, Bolu to the south and Düzce to the West. Zonguldak province has a very rugged terrain; 56% of the province area is covered with mountains, 31% with plateaus and 13% with Plains. The territory of the province, which is deeply fragmented in places by stream valleys, consists of mountainous areas of medium height.



The population of Zonguldak decreased by 3,645 compared to the previous year. The population of Zonguldak is 596,053 as of 2019.



Zonguldak has 8 different districts:

Zonguldak (City center)






Karadeniz Ereğli



Small History

Anadolu Selcuklu army came to the region in 1084 and conquered the region. Later, the Genoese took over the region, and during the principalities period, Candaroğulları established dominance in the region. When Sultan Mehmet The Conqueror took Amasra in 1460, Zonguldak and its surroundings were completely in the hands of the Ottomans. During the reign of Mahmut the second, the first coal was found in the area in 1829. The first coal quarries were opened in 1848. Belgian and French companies operated these quarries. During World War I, Zonguldak port hosted supplies to sarikamis and played an important role in relations with the USSR in the war of Independence. After World War I, in 1919, French soldiers invaded Zonguldak and then Ereğli in the Black Sea under the pretext of protecting the rights of French companies; however, they were compromised by the resistance of the forces of Zonguldak and the surrounding Defense Law Societies and left the region on 21 June 1920.


Places to Travel

Gökgöl Cave

Ereğli Museum

Cehennem Ağzı Cave

Filyos Beach

Alemdar Ship Museum

Organgazi Mosque



Inside Zonguldak you can use bus, minibus or taxi. You can also rent a car.



Zonguldak is managed by Ömer Selim Alan.

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