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It may be a difficult-to-understand system, but there are so many people that make millions out of their shares in the stock market. These people mostly work locally, but there are also some big players out there who work internationally. Today we will look exactly at that: international stock markets.

stock market

First of all I need to state that the whole world is in this stock market business. In order to make it easier to understand, let’s continue from region to region. But before that, there are 4 stock markets that work globally: The Global Dow, The Global Dow Euro, DJ Global Index, DJ Global ex U.S. Now the last one excludes U.S., but still includes everywhere else.

The regions are also divided into for: Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas and other countries that are not included in the above-mentioned regions. Now there are a few must be mentioned international stock markets that catches the eye with their volume.

Hang Seng (Hong Kong), K S E 100 (Pakistan) and S & P B S E (India) are the 3 big international stock markets from the region of Asia Pacific. In Europe, BIST 100 (Turkey), WIG (Poland) and BUX (Hungary) achieved relatively big numbers in their region.

Now there are some honorary mentions that needs to be made: New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market. These two use dollar as their currency and they are not entirely international, especially the first one. Nevertheless, the former is number one and the latter is number two largest exchange in the world by market capitalization.

New York Stock Exchange is the usual stock market, but Nasdaq is different from the rest: it was the world’s first electronic stock market when it began its journey on February 1971. If you are in tech business, your address is Nasdaq.


The former: the first-mentioned word

The Latter: the second-mentioned word

Relatively: In comparison with something else

Share: Part of the capital of a company

Usual: Normal


According to the passage, how did they divide the international stock markets?

  1. By their volume
  2. By their region
  3. By their capital
  4. By their name

Can we say that the stock markets are named according to their country’s name?

  1. Yes, we can say that
  2. We cannot know as there are no names in the passage
  3. Yes, Hang Seng (Hong Kong) is an example
  4. No, the names are not from the country names (example: BIST 100 –Turkey)

Which of the following is the first electronic stock market in the world?

  1. Nadsaq
  2. New York Stock Market
  3. KSE 100
  4. S & P B S E


(2) By their region

(4) No, the names are not from the country names (example: BIST 100 –Turkey)

(1) Nadsaq


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