Is IT Wrong to Watch Football?

A recent study suggests something that most of us already knew, but choose to ignore it. That fact I am talking about is that football is dangerous. No, I am not a mother of 2 football-loving sons and writing this article to protect my little kids. Football is really dangerous for people playing it. You may get hurt so bad that you may not be able to play it again. So if football is a dangerous sport activity, is it wrong to watch football? Should we be supporting such a dangerous thing?


I understand that football players understand the dangers and sign up for it on their own. But the whole world is spending tons of money on football and football players are getting paid a lot. So maybe they choose not to care about their health in order to get a job, maybe? Can they be ignoring this danger fact because football is very popular and pays well?

Another issue is football as a culture of male-dominant society. Football players are mostly man. People watching football are also mostly men. It is like an activity of men and it supports a culture of strong healthy men. It does not support diversity. It does not encourage people to think about our world’s problems. Most of the time, it only gives the wrong message: the message that says everything is all right with the world. It is not, and football does not do much about it.

Yes, I know there are other sports like football. But football is insanely popular all around the world. Maybe just the hardcore fans but all the tickets and t-shirts of their team, but everyone makes a contribution in making money for football by watching it. So we are all responsible from the consequences together.


Insanely: Crazily, doing something too much

Diversity: People with every background represented equally

Male-dominant: Somewhere too full of men, places where men are more important than women

Contribution: the part someone played for making something happen

To support: To agree doing something


Why is football a dangerous game?

  1. Football players might get hurt
  2. Football players might get depressed
  3. Football audience might curse
  4. Football audience might beat other team up

According to the passage, what reason DOES NOT make watching football wrong?

  1. Football can be dangerous for the players
  2. Football is a male-dominant activity, mostly
  3. Football does not have a social message, mostly
  4. Football makes you pay for an HD quality TV

Why does the writer think that everyone is responsible?

  1. Because everyone has a football
  2. Because everyone helps football make money
  3. Because everyone plays football
  4. Because everyone buys football tickets

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(1) Football players might get hurt

(4) Football makes you pay for an HD quality TV

(2) Because everyone helps football make money


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