Karaman İngilizce Tanıtımı ( Kısa )

Karaman İngilizce Kısa Tanıtım
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Karaman, with a total area of 3,709 kilometers, is a province of the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. According to 2015 data, its population is 184,493. Most of this number lives in the city centers and nearly 32 thousand people reside in the countryside. Karaman, which has a total of six districts, is also the central district of Karaman province. Road and rail options are available for transportation.

Karaman, which is an important city in terms of history, hosted the Karamanoğulları principality for a while. It houses many historical buildings and cultures with its history dating back to 8000 BC. Karaman, which has hosted many civilizations in its territory, is one of the archaeologically important places. Karaman Turkey’s 58th largest city, is famous for its sheep.

Karaman is one of the places that can be toured in terms of many historical buildings it hosts. For example, İncesu Cave is located on the eastern slopes of İncesu Creek, within the borders of Central Taşkale Village of Karaman. Its length is 1.356 meters. It contains stalactites, stalagmites and travertine pools. Another feature of this wonder of nature is that it is good for diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and heart failure.

Manazan Caves are 40 kilometers from Karaman, on the edge of Yeşildere Taşkale road to the east of Yeşildere Valley. It is in the form of five-storey massive dwellings carved entirely by human hands into a high rock mass in limestone land with high clay content. It has a strategic position to control the valley. It is understood that the caves were carved and settled in the 6th – 7th centuries during the Byzantine Period. Manazan Caves is a value worth seeing as natural beauty.

Zeyve Market, which has a history of approximately 500 years; It was established on and around the creek separating the İkizçınar Village and Yayla Pazarı villages, 26 kilometers from Ermenek district; It is a place that has a unique natural beauty with its historical grand planes, natural beauties, cold waters, settlement status, authenticity, water mills, water level, furnace and market, up to 300. In July, August and September, villagers sell their vegetables and fruits they grow on the market they set up on Sundays. It is a beautiful promenade that is easily accessible for a day trip.

The exact construction date of the Karaman Castle is unknown, but XI. YY. end of XII. YY. It is estimated to have been done early. It is registered in the Karaman Evkaf Department that the castle was built in 1087. The castle, which consists of three parts: interior, middle and outer, was built on the hill called Hisartepe. The perimeter of the castle, whose outer fortress walls are completely destroyed, is around 400-500 meters. The inner castle has a single door opening to the west, four of them are round, five of them are straight and nine bastions. The central part of the castle is a castle in itself. Its circumference is 1.000 meters.

Karaman, which is important in terms of tourism with all these historical places, shows up in the field of healing tourism and cultural tourism. Recently, its activity in the field of tourism has increased, supported by some projects.

Karaman, is one of Turkey’s most important region is a value worth seeing. In many respects, for instance, which has Karaman, today continues its existence as Turkey’s 80 provinces.

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