Kars İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

Kars İngilizce Tanıtım

Kars, which has an area of 2,347 kilometers is a city located in the northeastern part of Turkey. Besides being one of Turkey’s highest provincial centers, when the population of the surrounding villages are also included, Kars population has exceeded one hundred thousand.

Kars, which has eight districts with its center with the same name, is home to a rich culture. Hosting people of different origins, Kars has an important place in history. Kars, which had been the capital of the Southwestern Caucasus, is one of the few cities in Turkey had been the capital of any country.

Kars is based on culturally rooted foundations. Many civilizations ruled over lands with a historical background dating back to 9000 BC. Traces of these come to the present day. The culture of traditions, customs, folk storytelling, manias, folk songs and balances is rich. This wealth is due to the fact that Kars is an old settlement center and that various tribes lived in this region at various times.

Kars’ cultural tourism has developed considerably, as it is home to these rich and diverse cultures. It has many castles and mansions, and it has religious structures that must be seen due to the fact that it had a lot of people of different origins and religions in history. Apostles Church, Yanık Church, Katerina Mansion, Kars Castle, Ani Ruins are just a few of Kars’s historical places to see.

In addition to cultural tourism, Kars also appears in the field of ecological tourism due to its nature. Kars, which has lakes and rivers that are very suitable for bird watching and flower watching activities, also has Sarıkamış, the only place with crystal snow apart from the Alps, where is very convenient and enjoyable for ski tourism. Also, Çıldır Lake is a great option for fishing on ice.

Kars is also known for its food culture. Kars, where is especially famous for its cheese, is also known for its goose meat. Combining many different tastes in a culture, Kars is one of the places that can be visited in terms of food tourism.

Today, thanks to Kafkas University in the city, Kars has become a student city. It has also developed in the direction of transportation. It has all the options of transportations with airline, roads and rail. And thanks to Orient Express, Kars is a very important touristic place in Turkey and a value worth seeing with its rich culture and natural beauty.

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