Kırıkkale İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

Kırıkkale İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

Kırıkkale is a province located in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. Kırıkkale, with a total area of 4,365 kilometers, has 9 districts along with the central district in total. According to the latest data, its population is 283.017. Kırıkkale has highway and railway as one of the transportation options.

The region has a very old history. The presence of some historical ruins, ruins and mounds that remain within the borders of the Kırıkkale province today, and the archaeological findings dating back to the years before and some of the researches and investigations show how old the settlement area of Kırıkkale was.

As a result of considering the ceramic samples which were found in the region, it is most likely that settlements have been built in and around the region since the Neolithic Age. Kırıkkale, which is thought to be a settlement throughout history, also hosted the Roman-Byzantine Empire. After the victory of Manzikert in 1071, the gates of Anatolia were opened to the Turks, and they were quickly turned into a Turkish-Islamic land. It is seen that it was one of the first conquered Islamic towns in some parts of Kırıkkale province at that time.

Within the boundaries of the city, there are houses, mosques, mounds, tumuli, ruins, sites which protected as separate structures. It is enough to understand the importance of the province, which has a long history and on the route of the Silk Road, and that Evliya Çelebi mentions Yahşihan and Sulakyurt districts in terms of history and culture tourism.

In terms of religious tourism, Kırıkkale, contains many historic mosques and shrines which help the city to become a very popular stop. Haydar Sultan Mosque and Tomb, Koçubaba Mosque and Tomb, Ballı Mosque and Tomb are just a few of these places.

With its promenade places, highlands, typical Anatolian villages, Kızılırmak and its valley and rivers, Kırıkkale is one of the must-see places.

The Weapon Museum it contains consists of weapons from the Ottoman and European countries. After determining these weapons and historical features from various places in Anatolia and military factories from Tophane, they are exhibited in a special hall designed in the museum. This museum has an important place in terms of cultural tourism.

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