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International fashion weeks have always been very exciting, but this one is especially exciting. In the latest New York fashion week, there emerged a new brand with the coolest designs, but who are the mystery designers behind NY fashion week?


This Monday saw a surprising debut: Section 8. But who designed this new collection? And where does the mysterious name “Section 8” comes from? More importantly, was there really a real, living fish inside the mouth of the models?

The answer to the most important question is yes, those were real fish.  The idea behind this different idea was that a new brand is like “a fish out of sea”. Outside its usual habitat water, the fish is in a new, unknown place with lots of eyes on it. This was how excited and nervous the designers of the new collection were: they are just like little fishes out of sea.

Another intriguing fact about the designers behind this new collection was that they tried to use cheap material to create a good-looking clothing brand. Just like an intern whose financial resources are limited, this collection also appeals to young people with complicated futures and little financial resources.

This new idea of using cheap to create something that looks “not cheap” may have a connection between the financial situation of the millennials and the effort to re-use the available material instead of creating new ones.

The designers may be willing to make a political statement out of their new collection, who know? All we know is that there will be definitely a second collection and we will be tuned for more Section 8 beauties. After their success in their debut, we are sure they have long passed the “fish out of the sea” nervousness.


Intriguing: Fascinating

Millennials: People born after 2000

Debut: First performance ever

Be willing to: Wanting to

Habitat: Living place


According to the passage, what does the term “fish out of the sea” mean?

  1. Literally a fish out of water
  2. Means someone successfully caught fish
  3. Means you are new to somewhere and are nervous
  4. A metaphor for fresh and delicious fish

What does the writer say about the collection having a political statement?

  1. The new collection does not have one
  2. The new collection has a fashion statement only
  3. The new collection represents millennials and protection the environment
  4. The new collection is owned by a famous politician

If we say this was the debut of the collection, what do we mean?

  1. That this was a big performance
  2. That this was the first performance
  3. That this performance was named “debut”
  4. That using cheap material in fashion is under the category of “debut”


(3) Means you are new to somewhere and are nervous

(3) The new collection represents millennials and protection the environment

(2) That this was the first performance


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