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Music has always been a magical phenomenon that carries the mind to unimaginable places. It was a mere hobby for some, but it was the reason for existing for others. Whether a passion or a mere hobby, music has always been important for us. Times, however, changed the way we listen to it. Here are new ways of listening to music.


Just a few decades ago, there were cassettes everywhere. You would either have a cassette player or a huge Walkman on your belt. Having only 10 to 12 songs in it, a cassette would fill a relatively big place. Imagine trying to take all your favorite music albums with you at those times, you would need a very bi luggage! But times changed and CD took the throne of cassette.

Now the days of the CD are already over and nobody even bothers to buy anything on a CD. They are smaller and easier to carry with you, but they still take up the space and are not very practical. Also, no matter how thin it is, a CD is still big and that means a CD player needs to be the same size. In a world of constant travelling and transportation, nobody is willing to carry all those things.

Our time is a digital one and music also got digitalized on the process. In fact, it got so digitalized that we don’t save any MP3 on our devices anymore. We downloaded and uploaded at first, but now listening to music is a simple matter of good internet. You can use specific music sites or even video channels to listen to music. You don’t even have to buy a hard drive, just save them on your account. Any device with an internet will open the doors to a music concert full of your favorite songs.


Phenomenon: Situation

Device: A mechanical thing

Constant: Continuous

To be willing to: To want to

Matter: Issue


What does the writer suggest as the reason for the occurrence of new ways of listening to music?

  1. Humans
  2. Government
  3. Time
  4. Capitalism

According to the passage, what was the reason behind cassettes and CD’s being out?

  1. They were too expensive
  2. They were difficult to carry around
  3. They were exploding under heat
  4. They were containing a dangerous virus

Which of the following statements cannot be said for listening to music habits of today?

  1. We listen to music through the internet now
  2. There is no need to download anything
  3. You can save your music on your account
  4. You need a hard drive to store your MP3’s

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(3) Time

(2) They were difficult to carry around

(4) You need a hard drive to store your MP3’s

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