Non-Formal EDUCATION IN Turkey

Yabancı Dil Engeli: İngilizce Bilmemenin Zorlukları

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Like many other countries, Turkey has a formal education system to which attendance is compulsory. But today we will talk about another type of education that citizens can benefit from: non-formal education in Turkey.

After the country changed its writing system with the establishment of the republic, there came an urgent need to educate the masses. I do not mean education them with ideologies and similar abstract stuff. What I mean was literally education the masses with the new alphabet and increase the literacy rates of the masses whose major occupation was related to agriculture.


This educating the masses business became a major success. A huge number of people learned how to read and write using the new alphabet. After that, it became a tradition in Turkey to have governmental institutions to give education to whoever needs it. This is mostly non-formal and does not earn a diploma.

As the number of female citizens choosing to stay at home and raise the kids is still very high, these institutions mostly offer craftwork such as knitting. But nowadays more and more of these institutions are offering tech-related courses such as digital design. There are even language-related courses available.

These institutions are called “public education centers” and they just do that. The classes have students from 18 to 81 and everything is free. All you need to do is to show up to the meeting to arrange the schedule of the class. If you decide that you want to enroll, then just a copy of your id and filling a simple form would do.

Thanks to these institutions supported by the government, beginner-level courses are free and available for everyone. With enough number of students in a subject, lecturers can also open advanced-level versions of the same course.


Schedule: Someone’s timetable

Enroll: To officially register to an institution

Tech-related: Something related to technology

Agriculture: The business of farming, related to farming

Occupation: A job, work


According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?

  1. You need to pay 10 lira for each course
  2. You need to be older than 21 to enroll to the courses
  3. You can get a diploma after you complete the course
  4. You can enroll to any course for free

According to the passage, what is the name of the institutions explained above?

  1. Public Education Centers
  2. Public Enhancement Centers
  3. Public Enrollment Centers
  4. Public Enactment Centers

What do you need to enroll to a course in one of those institutions?

  1. Lots of money
  2. Copy of your id
  3. Copy of your diploma
  4. Filling a simple form and a copy of your id


(4) You can enroll to any course for free

(1) Public Education Centers

(4) Filling a simple form and a copy of your id


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