Number of People KILLED by ANIMALS

After the humankind created big cities away from the wilderness and forgot about our origins, we developed a fear that is absurd: fear of animals. I mean, we are all creatures living on the same planet, how come we are afraid of each other? And I believe animals should be more afraid of us, because we are killing more animals. Anyway, here is the number of people killed by animals.

I’m pretty sure you have seen the news about a tiger in a zoo killing a young woman trying to take a photo of the animal. Or a gorilla trying to kill a little boy and is itself killed instead. The news is full of these one-sided stories about crazy dangerous animals like lions, tigers, gorillas, wolves attacking innocent people. Well, they are wrong.

First of all, they are wrong because they never include the number of animals killed by people. Secondly, they are wrong because these huge animals, these tigers and lions are not the major cause of death. The videos are there just to get your attention, but the real danger is everywhere on summer: mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the reason for the highest number of people killed every year.

These little devils flying all around you at a hot summer evening are more dangerous than ten lions, believe me. Do you know how many diseases they can carry? Do you know how you cannot possibly avoid them because they are everywhere? Also, they are carrying the illnesses that humankind created, so it may not be the fault of a mosquito.

The second dangerous animal is also responsible from the death of some half a million people every year and this animal, I’m afraid, cannot be stopped: people kill thousands of other people every year.


Disease: Illness

One-sided: Only supporter one side

Wilderness: The places away from the cities

Cause: Reason

Major: Main


According to the passage, which animal kills the highest number of people?

  1. Lion
  2. Tiger
  3. Gorilla
  4. Mosquitoes

What does the writer criticize about the media handling animal stories?

  1. That the media stories are one-sided
  2. That the media always shows cute kittens
  3. That the media supports anti-animalism
  4. That the media hates gorillas

What is the second most dangerous animal in the passage?

  1. Lion
  2. Human
  3. Gorilla
  4. Mosquitoes

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(4) Mosquitoes

(1) That the media stories are one-sided

(2) Human

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