Numbers of Turkey’s Energy Import

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Turkey is a young country with a growing energy market and infrastructure need in all parts of it. As the energy market is growing higher and higher, Turkey also experiences rapid demand growth in all energry sectors alike.

In fact, research shows that Turkey is the second country, only after China, when it comes to natural gas and electricity demand. But how does a country this small provide for such a big demand? Especially when the domestic resources do not meet the huge demand, what should Turkey do? Yes, import is the answer.


Turkey has been highly dependent on energy imports, primarily of gas and oil. Currently only a percentage of 25 is provided through domestic resources and the rest is import from various other countries.

The amount of oil imported from other countries is 89%. According to the data, Turkey imported a total of 25 million tons of oil in 2015. Nearly half of this oil came from Iraq and a quarter from Iran. Other countries providing oil for Turkey were: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria.

When the issue comes to natural gas, however, the picture is changed a bit. Turkey imports nearly all of its natural gas from other countries. In fact, the percentage is 99. Half of this natural gas comes from Russia. After Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Algeria and Nigeria also provide natural gas for Turkey.

Here it is very important to note: Natural gas is fundamental for electricity generation. In fact, natural gas is the most used substance in generating Turkey’s electricity. Considering Turkey’s rapid demand growth in electricity, it is clear that natural gas is essential.

Currently, Turkey is providing for its demand mainly through imports. But the country is already making plans to be an important energy trade hub in the future. Especially with its geopolitical location, this plan can gain Turkey a lot.


Demand: Necessity, requirement

Infrastructure: Public systems like transportation in a city or country

Domestic: Something that is inside the country and not outside

Fundamental: Very important, essential

Primarily: Mainly


According to the passage, what is the main reason for Turkey to import so much energy?

  1. New plans on energy demand
  2. Inexpensive energy possibilities
  3. A special treatment between countries
  4. Rapid growth demand

Which country provides the biggest amount of natural gas for Turkey?

  1. Iran
  2. Iraq
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Russia

According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?

  1. A quarter of crude oil is provided by Iran
  2. All oil is imported
  3. Nigeria provides natural gas, but does not provide oil
  4. Algeria does not provide natural gas


(4) Rapid growth demand

(4) Russia

(1) A quarter of crude oil is provided by Iran


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