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We are living at a strange age where everyone talks how bad capitalism is, but nobody stops this never-ending money-spending trend. So how can we change the way we live? Here are a few productive things to do instead of spending money.

productive coffee

Drink Coffee At Home

Now this may sound silly, but hear me out: one of the biggest expenses we make is to buy or drink coffees at fancy coffee shops. I know, I’m addicted to coffee as well and without one cup of morning coffee, I am not very different from a monster. But why spend so much money on one cup of coffee instead of buying a whole bag of coffee and drink it at home. You can open up the curtains, take a pillow and your cup of coffee and sip your coffee while looking outside the window. Same caffeine, same scenery (sort of)… You can even try to draw something on your coffee with milk and cream!

Borrow Books from the Library

Reading books, especially fantastic fiction, is great for escaping our mundane boring life. But they can be very expensive, too. So instead of buying more books, you can always borrow from the library or from a friend. You can even be productive and arrange a reading club at home. I’m sure just getting comfy at your sofa and talking about books can be great fun.

Movie Nights

It may not be the same with a huge cinema salon, but your living room is pretty good for watching a movie, especially with that comfy sofa and the joys of staying in your pajamas. Like I get it, a cinema is great with the sound effects, but at home you can always “pause” the movie and use the restroom! Oh the luxuries of a home-cinema…


Mundane: Boring routine

Arrange: To plan something with all the details

Sip: To drink something in small amounts

Pause: To stop from playing

Comfy: Comfortable


According to the passage, what is the main reason behind a never-ending money-spending trend?

  1. Socialism
  2. Capitalism
  3. Global Warming
  4. Supernatural forces

What is the common feature of the above mentioned activities?

  1. They are all done at home
  2. They are all expensive
  3. They are all done alone
  4. They are all complex activities

According to the passage, what makes watching movies at home special?

  1. Sound-effects
  2. Watching from a huge screen
  3. Watching the movie in a very dark room
  4. Being able to pause the movie and use the toilet


(2) Capitalism

(1) They are all done at home

(4) Being able to pause the movie and use the toilet


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