Modern days have a common problem: full-time jobs. I know, I know, you don’t think this is the real problem. But hear me out: we are not really different from empty zombies with these jobs and we are unable to create anything. Here are a few of our picks from productivity problems and procrastination.


The biggest problem of productivity is the thing that I have just mentioned: full-time jobs. I don’t think Van Gogh created those masterpieces by painting in a routine of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nor was Steve Jobs able to produce a new system in boring office hours. Working on a plan of duty also does not help. Without any special task to do, it is as if you don’t have to put effort on anything.

Another productivity problem is city life. In our miserable lives inside dark mega cities with the same building all over the place, how can you expect from anyone to create something? No beautiful sceneries, nowhere to just relax, no places to go to for a brief artsy moment.

Now these two were productivity problems. There is also another similar problem that everyone suffers from: procrastination. Postponing everything to a never-coming tomorrow feels like the best choice at the moment. It is OK to cancel, but when you cancel everything and never actually complete the tasks.

Even if the task is your most desired activity, you procrastinate for no reason. Maybe this is because of a modern age depression and a negative belief that nothing ever comes to any result. Maybe you just lost your desire to put effort to anything as modern day politics ruin the world anyway. The only thing that we know about is that things are not getting better.


Artsy: Artistic

Productivity: The ability to produce something new

Procrastinate: To cancel things for no reason

Scenery: Natural landscape

Brief: Very short


According to the passage, what does the writer think about a routine full-time job?

  1. That a full-time job is great
  2. That they pay good
  3. That they kill productivity
  4. That working full-time is beneficial to your health

Which of the following statements can be said about big cities?

  1. Dark
  2. Happy
  3. Sorrowful
  4. Delightful

What can be understood from the phrase “never-coming”?

  1. Something that happens in the future
  2. Something that has a negative meaning
  3. A phenomenon that is in the past
  4. A phenomenon that is never happening

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(3) That they kill productivity

(1) Dark

(4) A phenomenon that is never happening


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