Pros and Cons of HOMESCHOOLING

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Educating younger generations have always been a very important issue, but recently it got even more important. This is mostly because educational institutions became merely theoretical and useless in the real world. Hence, here are an alternative for you: pros and cons of homeschooling.

Pros and Cons of HOMESCHOOLING

First of all, there comes the most famous positive quality of homeschooling: freedom. This may be religious, political or historical freedom and it generally implies an environment where your kids are not being brainwashed by mainstream ways of thinking.

Another important positive quality of homeschooling is “loose schedules”. Your kid will not be under a lot of stress in managing the time, homework, exams and everything else. You can always team up with your kid and create a more meaningful and effective schedule.

Lastly for the pros of homeschooling, there comes “family ties”. We are not trying to say that kids who go to public school do not have any ties with their family. All we suggest is that homeschooled kids are able to spend more quality time with their family.

Now we are done with the pros, here comes the cons and the first one is about “time”. Yes, everything has a drawback and parents enjoying some free time while the kids are at school will have to give up that luxury and spend most of their time with their kids.

Another con of homeschooling is about “money”. You don’t have to spend much money on homeschooling, it is not the issue here. The problem here is that one of the parents has to give up their full-time job. That means cutting on half of the income.

Lastly, maybe the most important con of homeschooling is the kid being taught alone. This may create a problem for improving the social skills of the child and may become a problem in the future.


Schedule: A plan

Pros: Positive qualities

Cons: Negative qualities

Income: Money that is earned through working

Homeschooling: Educating your kid at home


According to the passage, which of the following is a con of homeschooling?

  1. Close family ties
  2. Freedom of thought
  3. Lack of an environment to develop social skills
  4. Loose schedules that you can arrange yourself

What makes the writer suggest that a homeschooled kid may not develop social skills?

  1. Because that’s a fact
  2. Because science says so
  3. Because homeschooled kids are mostly losers
  4. Because the kid is being educated alone at home, with no classmates

What does the article suggest about freedom in the first part?

  1. That your kid will not be brainwashed if homeschooled
  2. That religious freedom is possible at public schools
  3. That one-sided historical facts are not taught at public schools
  4. That political freedom of thought can be made possible at normal schools

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(3) Lack of an environment to develop social skills

(4) Because the kid is being educated alone at home, with no classmates

(1) That your kid will not be brainwashed if home-schooled


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