Samsung or Apple? WHICH Company IS SELLING More?

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In the old days, there was Nokia and Ericsson. There was even Sony everywhere. Now the market of small technological devices is conquered by not one but two names: Samsung and Apple. But which one sells more? Samsung or Apple? Which Company is Selling More?

This is a question asked by many, as it is a very difficult question. Nowadays people who consider buying a cell phone only think of whether to use Samsung or Apple. There is no mentioning of the other cell phone brands, no other inquiries about other brand names. But which is better, honestly?

Samsung or Apple? WHICH Company IS SELLING More?

According to the data, these two companies have sold more than one third of every mobile phone on earth. Their market share is unbelievable. Samsung’s bestseller is Samsung Galaxy, while Apple is famous for its iPhone. They have other services, but these two cell phone series are their bestsellers.

Between these two, Samsung Galaxy series sell better. According to the data from a reliable source, Samsung shipped more than 1.2 billion smartphones since the year 2010 which means less than a decade. Truly impressive!

The numbers for Apple are relatively modest. The company has sold around 773 million iPhones since 2007 which is the year of its debut. The figure may rise to 800 million in quite a short time, reports suggest.

The numbers between these two successful companies may lead you to think that Samsung is by far the bestselling company, but the reality is not as it seems. The number provided by Samsung also includes other smartphone series, while Apple’s number is solely the number of iPhones sold.

Whatever the case is, it is obvious these two companies will continue to dominate the market and if other companies, such as Chinese Xiaomi, want a share, they surely have tough rivals.


Tough: Powerful

Impressive: Amazing

Dominate: To have enormous power on

Inquiries: Questions

Consider: Think about


According to the passage, which of the following companies has the bestselling series?

  1. Samsung
  2. Apple
  3. Xiaomi
  4. Nokia

How much of the market do Samsung and Apple dominate together?

  1. Half of the market
  2. One third of the market
  3. More than one third of the market
  4. All of the market

At the last part of the passage, what does the writer warn us about?

  1. That Nokia is about to debut a new series
  2. That Ericsson is ready to get back to the market
  3. That Samsung is still the bestseller amongst all
  4. That the number provided by Samsung may include other series, too


(1) Samsung

(3) More than one third of the market

(4) That the number provided by Samsung may include other series, too


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