SATIRICAL DESIGNS Created IN Response to Donald Trump

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After a historical pre-election campaign both by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, yet another historical phenomenon came to place: Trump got elected. This shocked millions of people, including citizens of United States. How does this influence our topic on satirical design? We will come to that, be patient.


From the day that Trump was elected, there have been various protests mainly in United States both also from citizens of other countries such as France. But protests out on the streets were not the only way to express how people feel about this unbelievable new development from the most powerful country of the world.

Artists from everywhere used their power to express how they felt. People wrote, made cartoons, even made small satirical toys based on the public image of Trump. These may be an attempt to use the current popular feelings on Trump to sell products, who knows? But one thing is certain: their design is fabulous.

In one design by a genius illustrator, there is a pink little cushion with the face of Trump on it. Well, it is actually a cushion that makes a sound resembling a “fart” sound when you sit on it. Genius, ha? This design by Mr Bingo stresses how ridiculous politics can be. Also, did you know that the word “trump” means “fart” in UK? Now you do.

Another brilliant design is the drawing of a simple elections cap or a t-shirt on which there are these words written: “Make America Hate Again”. This clearly shows the current political discrimination towards immigrants is not overlooked by some citizens. They see it, they know it’s totally wrong and they spread the word by stressing it to everyone.


Overlook: To ignore, to not see the truth

Illustrator: An artist who designs by painting or drawing

Ridiculous: Something that has no meaning, that is stupid

Fabulous: Amazing (may be used in sarcasm and mean the opposite)

Immigrant: Someone who moved to another country to live there for a long-period.


According to the passage, what counts as a historical phenomenon?

  1. U.S.A. elections
  2. Hillary as a candidate
  3. Trump getting elected
  4. Trump as a candidate

What specific country has another meaning for the word “trump”?

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. UAE
  4. PRC

Which of the following statements express a satirical feeling towards the result of the elections?

  1. Make America Great Again
  2. Make America Vote Again
  3. Make America Racist Again
  4. Make America Hate Again


(3) Trump getting elected

(1) UK

(4) Make America Hate Again


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