Technology is advancing rapidly and nowadays we don’t have to do anything by ourselves anymore. From tough physical tasks to the smallest task such as ordering food online can easily be completed in a few seconds with the help of technology. But this has a huge drawback and it is our sedentary lifestyle.


The meaning of sedentary lifestyle is not very different from the funny phrase that is couch potato. Someone with a sedentary lifestyle is exactly like a sack of potato that sits on the couch doing nothing much. As most of our daily activities continue with just looking at the screen, we forget to do regular exercise. In fact, we forget doing any exercise all together.

Research suggests that the risk of chronic diseases is higher for people who sit more than 5 hours every day. But if you have to sit for a long time on a daily basis and you also exercise 5 or so hours per week, the risk decreases drastically. Experts believe regular exercise helps fight with the drawbacks of technology on human body.

Apart from a long list of physical diseases that stem from a sedentary lifestyle, there are also mental problems that may arise from being a couch potato for too long. Physical activities help the release of some hormones that keep our mental health at a balanced point. Without these activities, some hormones are not released as much as it is supposed to.

These mental illnesses include anxiety and depression and can be lethal. An increase in the rates of depression in modern big cities can also be explained with the rise of technology usage in our daily lives. Of course going back in time to the days when there was no technology is out of question, but maybe we should think a solution for this problem of sedentary lifestyle.


Lethal: Deadly

Drawback: Problem

Sedentary: Inactive

Nowadays: Currently

Disease: Illness


According to the passage, what does the phrase “couch potato” mean?

  1. A sack of potato on a couch
  2. A couch that is specially made for potatoes
  3. A couch made out of potatoes
  4. A person who sits on a couch for too long

What does the writer think about the connection between technology and sedentary lifestyle?

  1. The writer believes technology causes sedentary lifestyle
  2. The writer argues sedentary lifestyle causes technology
  3. The writer suggests both technology and sedentary lifestyle are caused by laws
  4. The writer thinks that there is no connection between the two

How can sedentary lifestyle cause mental diseased such as anxiety and depression?

  1. People with anxiety have sedentary lifestyle for sure
  2. With sedentary lifestyle, hormones are not balanced and mental illnesses are caused
  3. Sedentary lifestyle creates depression through too much depressive TV shows
  4. Anxiety is an illness that makes the sufferer sit for 5 hours a day

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(4) A person who sits on a couch for too long

(1) The writer believes technology causes sedentary lifestyle

(2) With sedentary lifestyle, hormones are not balanced and mental illnesses are caused


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