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With more and more people moving into mega cities, modern people now live in a more social environment. Big companies are crowded with employees, buses are full of people. Everyone acts as if it is OK to live in such a big society, but for some people it is a nightmare. People with social phobia hate coming together with other people.


There are some special people who do not like spending time with others. For them, being with other people is like a nightmare that should be avoided as much as possible. These people are defined people with social phobia, though their special condition is also called social anxiety disorder. But why do these people hate being with other people so much?

Well, this might be an outcome of a trauma related to a social gathering. The person that has a social phobia may be introverted. Whatever the reason is, the person with social phobia feels a deep anxiety and fear of being negatively judged by other people. This fear of being negatively judged influences them so much that they prefer staying alone.

Due to this fear, social phobia can be very difficult to handle with. Imagine trembling while you are having a nice dinner with someone or you are at a job interview and your fear is so strong that you faint. Social phobia is not just a preference: it influences every inch of the person involved.

Some believe that it means “shyness” and blame people with social phobia for not trying too hard. This in fact makes the problem even worse and creates a negative attitude towards people suffering from social phobia. What needs to be done is to accept this disorder and try to cure it in the best way possible.


Trauma: Disturbing experience

Phobia: An extreme fear of something

Imagine: Suppose, assume

Attitude: A way of thinking

Alone: By yourself


According to the passage, what is social phobia?

  1. Social Anxiety Disorder
  2. Social Skills
  3. Social Experiences
  4. Social Imagination

Which of the following statements can be said about social phobia?

  1. They love being with other people
  2. They fear being negatively judged by people
  3. They see social gatherings as fun
  4. They look forward to meet other people

How do other people treat someone with social phobia?

  1. With lots of understanding and love
  2. With patience and care
  3. By blaming them for being “shy”
  4. By accepting their condition immediately


(1) Social Anxiety Disorder

(2) They fear being negatively judged by people

(3) By blaming them for being “shy”


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