Bugün İngilizce Öğrenmeye Başlamanız İçin 6 Sebep

Bugün İngilizce Öğrenmeye Başlamanız İçin 6 Sebep

İngilizce, hayatımızın her alanında karşımıza çıkan olmazsa olmaz konuların başında geliyor. Eğitim alanında, iş yaşamında, gündelik konularda kısacası her konuda İngilizce size avantaj sağlayan, hayatınıza artı katan bir değer. İngilizcem yeterli değil ya da İngilizce […]

Entry INTO US for Green Card Holders

Even with so many years after the original discovery of the new continent, American dream still continues for many generations and it looks like this trend will continue. But the big issue is still this: […]

FIRST Women IN Football

Football is generally perceived as a men’s sport, but this is not true. Yes, every single commercial in every single country features a male football player, but there are female players, too. Let’s take a […]

Longest LIVING People IN the World

We all work hard for a better future, but when we finally have the money and time, when we finally retire from the absurd routine of this life, we die. Sorry to point this out […]

2017 Oscar NOMINEES

With the new year, a new list of 2017 Oscar nominees is here already. Being the most famous and prestigious movie competition of the world, even being nominated for an Oscar is amazing enough. Here […]

Non-Formal EDUCATION IN Turkey

Like many other countries, Turkey has a formal education system to which attendance is compulsory. But today we will talk about another type of education that citizens can benefit from: non-formal education in Turkey. After […]

SATIRICAL DESIGNS Created IN Response to Donald Trump

After a historical pre-election campaign both by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, yet another historical phenomenon came to place: Trump got elected. This shocked millions of people, including citizens of United States. How does this […]


Sometimes news goes like this: a masterpiece from a certain great genius is discovered by a farmer and made him rich. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You were just living your life the usual way and […]

En Kolay İngilizce Konuşma Öğrenme Yöntemleri

Dünyadaki sosyal, kültürel ve ticari yakınlaşmalarda ve ilişkilerde ortak dil kullanımı çok önemlidir. Kusursuz bir iletişimde ortak dilin önemi büyüktür. Dünyada kullanılan ortak dil ise İngilizcedir. Dünya üzerinde söz sahibi büyük ülkelerin ulusal dilinin İngilizce […]

World’s FIRST Temple: Göbeklitepe

For years on and on, history books claimed one thing: ancient hunter-gatherer people started to settle down after they found agriculture. All kids from all around the world had to learn this as a historical […]