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Just a few years ago, there was no Facebook. Google was just a mere start-up a few decades ago and nobody could afford to buy a computer. Now with so many great apps that we cannot live without, the internet became an essential part of our lives. But for a fast internet, a strong infrastructure is necessary. Let’s take a look at telecommunication investments for submarine cable system.


You may just ask for the password of WIFI, but internet actually requires a very complicated infrastructure of cables. Now this is not that laborious when you are making a cable system in a city. Creating a sable system in a global scale, on the other hand, can be very burdensome. How do we tackle the issue of the oceans? The answer to that is very simple: submarine cable systems.

Submarine line terminal equipment that is also known as SLTE is a cable system beneath the water working intercontinentally. As the current cable systems across the globe use less than 20 percent of their capacity, it would be financially beneficial to upgrade them to SLTE which does not cost much, either.

As telecommunication companies are trying to survive in the current rivalry and extremely low prices, upgrading the cable systems to SLTE and increasing the quality of their network would be highly beneficial for them. This is the reason why these companies are contemplating a possible upgrade in order to increase their revenue.

A massive investment can mean greater revenue for big telecommunication companies that work across the globes, but it means better connection for us the ordinary people. Better connection also means a better ground for innovation and maybe even a better solution to global cable systems than SLTE. Who can guess what the future holds?


Beneficial: Good

Revenue: Income

Burdensome: Difficult

Laborious: Bothering

Contemplating: Thinking


According to the passage, which of the following statements can be said?

  1. A few years ago, internet was very limited
  2. Our grandmothers were using Facebook when they were little kids
  3. Google have always been a rich corporate company
  4. People do not need the internet much these days

Why do the telecommunication companies invest in SLTE systems?

  1. Because current law requires it
  2. Because SLTE looks good
  3. Because SLTE can increase their revenue
  4. Because the system cleans the ocean

What does the writer suggest in the last part of the passage?

  1. That life is predictable in the future
  2. That SLTE will certainly be everywhere
  3. That people may quit using the internet all together
  4. That innovation fueled with fast internet can make future very surprising


(1) A few years ago, internet was very limited

(3) Because SLTE can increase their revenue

(4) That innovation fueled with fast internet can make future very surprising


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