The Most Popular Newsmen IN Turkey

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Turkey is a country in which very interesting happenings occur every single day. It does not have to be phenomenal, but the country is a pretty “fun” country with news channels full of interesting stories. So who are the most popular newsmen in Turkey? How can we follow the news from the inside and not through foreign channels or newsmen?

The Most Popular Newsmen IN Turkey

Here we will introduce the most popular three newsmen in Turkey. They are very good at what they are doing and their comments mostly reflect the country’s mindset. Although Turkey is also known for its huge dedication to football and there are many great football news channels, we will not include them in our article.

Cem Öğretir

Mr. Cem is a newsman from the popular TV channel ATV. He has been born in UK, but spent his childhood in Eskişehir, a peaceful university town nearby Ankara. After graduating from Anadolu University Cinema and Television Department, he began his career in TV channels. Mr. Cem worked with many different popular TV channels, but currently he is working for ATV and presenting the main news bulletin every day.

Erhan Çelik

When it comes to main news bulletins, Mr. Erhan is another famous face that Turkish citizens would recognize in seconds. Although he is a graduate of “management”, he is a professional newsman and is currently presenting the main news bulletin in TRT1, the first Turkish national television channel.

Mesut Yar

Although not a main news bulletin speaker as the other two newsmen, Mr. Mesut is also a famous face that can be frequently seen on TV. After working for a number of national TV channels, Mr. Mesut is currently presenting “Burada Laf Çok” in Kanal D for 4 weekdays. The program is a talk-show program.


Bulletin: Broadcast summary of news

Recognize: Know who the person is

To graduate: to finish school

Frequently: Very often

Currently: Right now


Which of the following names that are discussed in the passage do not present main news bulletin now?

  1. Mesut Yar
  2. Erhan Çelik
  3. Okan Bayülgen
  4. Cem Öğretir

According to the passage, what is the importance of TRT1?

  1. It is the first national TV channel of Turkey
  2. It is the most popular TV channel
  3. It is the richest TV channel
  4. It has the best main news bulletin

Which of the following statements is not true, according to the passage?

  1. Mesut Yar is currently not presenting main news bulletin
  2. Cem Öğretici is born in Eskişehir
  3. Erhan Çelik is working for Turkish national channel now
  4. Turkey loves football very much

[toggle title=”Answers”]

(1) Mesut Yar

(1) It is the first national TV channel of Turkey

(2) Cem Öğretici is born in Eskişehir


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