The Most Popular Turks In the World

When it comes to incredibly delicious food and amazing historical attractions, Turkey is one of the countries that one thinks of first. But is that all? Is Turkey only famous for its kebabs and beautiful touristic attractions? Of course not!

There are many famous Turks and some of them are very popular all around the world. Here is a list of some of the most popular Turks in the world:



Can someone make foreign people sing a Turkish song and dance like crazy all at the same time better than Tarkan? Nope, he is the only one who can do that. Foreign people from all around the world will probably recognize when they hear these lines: “Yakalarsam… muah!” and immediately start dancing.

Orhan Pamuk

After getting a Nobel Prize for his book “Snow”, Orhan Pamuk became a famous writer worldwide. His novels are nearly always in the best-sellers list and he also has a huge number of foreign fans.

Sertab Erener

After her performance in Eurovision Song Contest 2003 with the song “Every way that I can”, Sertap Erener both made Turkey very proud and made her very famous. Her video clip for the same song included a “hamam” scene with exotic Turkish belly dance and attracted touristic from all around the world.

İbrahim Kutluay

This tall basketball player played for NBA and gained fans from all around the world. His name might be in Turkish and complicated for foreigners, but basketball fans from everywhere memorized his name anyway.

İlhan Mansız

Especially in Japan, this handsome football player stole the hearts of many young women. His talent in football and his attractive looks made him one of the most popular Turks in the world. Although he no longer plays football, his looks continue to attract female eyes.


Female: Woman

Attractions: Some place that is touristic

Recognize: When you see something, you know what it is, you recognize it

Exotic: Something or somewhere very different than usual

Complicated: Very difficult to understand


According to the passage, who won Eurovision Song Contest 2003?

  1. Tarkan
  2. Sertab Erener
  3. İlhan Mansız
  4. Orhan Pamuk

Which of the following statements is false?

  1. Pamuk got a Nobel prize
  2. Tarkan is a singer
  3. İlhan Mansız continues his football career
  4. İbrahim Kutluay played for NBA

Which of the following people is especially famous in Japan?

  1. Sertab Erener
  2. Orhan Pamuk
  3. İbrahim Kutluay
  4. İlhan Mansız

[toggle title=”Answers”]

(2) Sertab Erener

(3) İlhan Mansız continues his football career

(4) İlhan Mansız


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