THINGS to Know About Istanbul

THINGS to Know About Istanbul

Being the only city in the whole world that is partly in Asia and partly in Europe, Istanbul is a magical city that you must see at least once. But the city is also known for its chaos that the locals call “home”. So here are a few things to know about Istanbul.

THINGS to Know About Istanbul


Being in both continents sounds pretty cool, but the traffic is not as cool when the local residents live in one continent and work in the other. Yes, that is mostly the case as the Asian side has more affordable and peaceful options while the European side is a bit expensive and is more suitable for offices instead of living places. Make sure to get out before or after the rush hour. If you get caught in the rush hour, well, don’t expect to arrive anywhere in an hour or so.

Do What Locals Do

Being a tourist might cost you a lot. So you should get suggestions from a local and do it instead of just going to the touristic places and lose the chance to see the real magic. For example, taking a ferry from Eminönü to Kadıköy only costs a few Turkish liras and locals use the route to commute inside the city, but the views from the ferry, oh those amazing views, are truly extraordinary.

Better Walk

Transportation is not really well-planned in the city. Unless you are going to a far destination, try to go to a central point, open your map and walk from there. You can see the real city and keep both your money and time.

Keep a Shawl

The mosques are amazing in Istanbul. They are so good, you may want to just sit down and look at all the details on the ceiling and window glasses. But watch out the dress code: keeping a light shawl with you would help.


Affordable: Cheap enough

Watch out: Be careful about

Rush hour: Times when people go to work and come back home

Extraordinary: Amazing, incredible

Had Better: Should do something


What should we do to avoid huge traffic jams in İstanbul?

  1. Not go out ever
  2. Bribe the drivers
  3. Avoid rush hours
  4. Use a helicopter

Which of the following advices is not mentioned in the passage?

  1. Keep a shawl with you
  2. Walking is a good option
  3. Try to do what locals do
  4. Cross the bridge at 07:30 every morning

What is the view that the writer fanatically advises the travelers to see?

  1. The view from Eminönü-Kadiköy
  2. The view from a high building
  3. The view of the traffic in rush hour
  4. The view from the ceiling of a mosque

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(3) Avoid rush hours

(4) Cross the bridge at 07:30 every morning

(1) The view from Eminönü-Kadiköy


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