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Thanks to a lot of movies about it, tuberculosis is a widely-known illness. Everybody knows that tuberculosis can kill people easily. But the question is, do we really know what tuberculosis really is?

Firstly, Tuberculosis is an infectious disease, it can spread among people through air. Its name is coming from the bacteria that cause the illness: mycobacterium tuberculosis. Normally, Tuberculosis can affect lungs, but it also affects other parts of the body. It generally affects lungs, because it spreads through air.

Secondly, it is a very powerful disease. If you have tuberculosis and do not go to see a doctor on time, you may die. Tuberculosis can kill half of its infected patients and it must be taken seriously.


Thirdly, one of the methods to cure tuberculosis is through using antibiotics for a long time. But modern way of living creates a problem for this. We use antibiotics for everything, from small illnesses to serious illnesses. So this makes us resistant to antibiotics, because we use it all the time and our body got used to it. Doctors and researchers are still working on the problem of antibiotics.

Fourthly and lastly, tuberculosis is not a disease that is only in the movies. Tuberculosis is everywhere and anyone can be infected. We live in crowded cities and it is very easy to get infected with so many people around us. This is why one of every three people in the world has tuberculosis. In 2014, there were 9.6 million people with tuberculosis and 1.5 million of the patients died. Tuberculosis is an everyday problem for many people.

Movies may make us think that tuberculosis is a disease of the movies and not of the real world. But this is wrong and tuberculosis can be found everywhere. It is very important to know the disease and see a doctor.


Patient: Someone with an illness or sickness

Infectious: Something that infects, that spreads

Resistant: Something or someone that resists, that is difficult to change

Lung: The part of body that we breathe with

Crowded: Too many people


What is the most common way for tuberculosis to spread?

  1. Water
  2. It is not infectious
  3. Air
  4. Food

Why anti-biotics is a problem in curing tuberculosis?

  1. We are getting resistant to it
  2. It is too expensive to buy
  3. Some doctors don’t like it
  4. It is infectious

How many people did tuberculosis kill in 2014?

  1. 9,6 million
  2. 6,9 million
  3. 5,1 million
  4. 1,5 million

[toggle title=”Answers”]
(3) Air

(1) We are getting resistant to it

(4) 1,5 million


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