Top DESIGN Schools IN the World

Top DESIGN Schools IN the World
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In the old days, anything would sell as long as they are useful. Now times are changing: you need a good design to sell. But can manufacturers achieve good design? If now, who is responsible from the design side of things? And how are they trained? In today’s article, we will discuss top design schools in the world.

Top DESIGN Schools IN the World

The best design school comes from the rainy and foggy England: Royal College of Art. The school is shortly known as RCA and it is a research school that offers education only on the level of post-graduate in art and design. The school is more like a boutique institution that values quality over quantity and it is open to students from over 60 different countries.

Interestingly, RCA is followed by a famous university in United States: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The school which is also one of the best schools in the whole world in the fields of engineering offers the second best design school. The list of top ten best design schools in the world continues with more schools from US, one other school from UK and one school from Italy (Politecnico di Milano).

While the list is visibly dominated by schools from US, there are also schools from Asia. Hong Kong Polytechnic University boosts the 21st place on the list and gets the honor to be the best design school in Asia, while Tsinghua University follows it very closely and boost the 23rd place on the list.

There are various other schools from different countries and Finland’s Aalto University comes 17th on the list representing a colder part of the world. But it looks like the list will continue to be dominated by US and UK. These two countries lead the world of design.


Useful: Advantageous

Dominate: Have an influence over

Post-graduate: After bachelor’s degree

Represent: Amount to

Various: Numerous


According to the passage, which of the following statements can be said to be true?

  1. The whole top ten list is full of US schools
  2. The whole top ten list is full of UK schools
  3. There is no school from Finland in the top ten list
  4. There is a school from Hong Kong in the top ten list

Which of the following statements is false for Royal College of Art?

  1. RCA offers education in all levels
  2. RCA is the best school for design in the whole world
  3. In this particular school, quality is values over quantity
  4. The school accepts students from numerous countries

Which of the following school is the best in Asia?

  1. Tsinghua University
  2. Politecnico di Milano
  3. Aalto University
  4. Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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(3) There is no school from Finland in the top ten list

(1) RCA offers education in all levels

(4) Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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