Turkey IS #1 Tea Consumer IN the World

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Every single show on TV or on the internet shows one thing: English people drink tea all the time. We see Americans waking up and the first thing they do is to drink black coffee. But no, English people are different. Their fuel is tea in little porcelain tea cups with, maybe, a bit of milk in it. But a recent study shows that English are not the number one tea consumer in the world. The number one tea consumer of the world is Turkey.


The research shows that people in Turkey are avid tea-drinkers. The amount of tea they consume every day is incredible with 7,54 kg per person! Morocco comes the second in the list and its daily tea amount is only 4,34 kg, nearly half of Turkey. And the third country, Ireland, only consumes 3,22 kg.

If we look into Turkish culture more deeply, we will see this is understandable. In Turkey, it is customary to serve tea whenever someone visits you. If the visitor is your friend and just there to chat, you serve tea. If you are a businessman waiting for your customer, you serve tea before talking business. It seems like drinking tea is a secret code in Turkey that says “OK, we can talk now”.

The way that people in Turkey drink tea is also very special. Tea is made in big metal tea-pots and it is served in special glasses that look like an hourglass. You can sweeten your tea with putting sugar in it or with eating Turkish delight while drinking your tea. You can also put little slices of lemon in your tea to make it taste sour.

With so much tea-drinking, it became a symbol of Turkish culture. No wonder Turkey is the world champion in tea consumption!


Fuel: Something that gives power to a machine or human.

Hourglass: An old device in the shape of 8 which tells the time

Consume: The verb for using something up, like eating or drinking.

Understandable: Something that is easy to understand

Avid: Very serious, doing something too much


According to movies or TV shows, what country seems like the number one tea-consumer?

  1. China
  2. Iceland
  3. United Kingdom
  4. United States of America

How much tea does Morrocco consume?

  1. 3,34 kg
  2. 4,34 kg
  3. 7,54 kg
  4. 2,79 kg

What makes tea-drinking special in Turkey?

  1. Tea is served with milk
  2. Tea is served in hourglass-shaped glasses
  3. Tea is served with biscuits
  4. Tea is served in big porcelain cups

[toggle title=”Answers”]
(3) United Kingdom

(2) 4,34

(2) Tea is served in hourglass-shaped glasses





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