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Nowadays, everybody has a mobile phone. In fact, there are so many people with very expensive mobile phone that they only use to just call people. But before mobile phones conquered our world today, there was TV. In this article, we will talk about TV as medium of entertainment.

tv maaan

It was a rare luxury at first, something that only the richest can afford and something that cannot be found everywhere. There were some villages with only one TV and as many as 30 people would watch the show together. At those old times, TV was serving its original purpose: to watch shows.

Beginning with black and white, TV was already a winner with lots of people in the line to buy one. After colors got involved, things got better for TV producers. Now it was like a magic box of fun. With some technological developments, TV producers make the initial “luxury” TV more affordable for the middle classes.

TV series like Dallas and news channel advanced and became so many different things to watch on TV. But as the computer got involved, TV got a tough rival. They produced games that you could play using your TV screen. They made better movies and even better TV shows. Colors got brighter, actors and actresses got more and more beautiful.

After the internet, TV did not give up at all. It transformed itself into a lighter and bigger screen that could also use the internet. Sure, for mails and similar stuff, a computer is always better. But a TV with a good internet connection is just perfect for watching movies online and playing games with so amazing graphics that they look like real.

Ages ago, there was just one simple black and white show on TV. Now, there is everything you need.


Initial: Something from the beginning

To get involved: To become associated

Original: Something that is the earliest

Entertainment: The action of providing amusement

Transform: To change into something else


According to the passage, what was the TV like at its first stage?

  1. Black and white
  2. With some colors
  3. With the internet
  4. With bright colors

Why did the TV producers decide to add “internet”?

  1. For no reason
  2. To check e-mails
  3. Due to a contract with an internet company
  4. To become a worthy rival of the computer

Later on, how did the TV look like?

  1. Light with bigger screen
  2. Heavy with a small screen
  3. Big screen with a keyboard
  4. Heavy with a big screen

[toggle title=”Answers”]

(1) Black and white

(4) To become a worthy rival of the computer

(1) Light with bigger screen


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