A few decades ago, a computer was big enough to fill a whole room and was very expensive that only governments could afford it. When the computers were smaller and were able to fit onto a large table, cheap enough for an upper-middle class family to afford it, it was still pretty primitive with very limited internet and google as a small company. Now we have live in a new age and today we will discuss virtual reality in the art world.


The old days are behind, now everyone has a laptop. In fact a middle-class household mostly has desktop and a laptop computer combined with a few smart phones. Apparently even this is not enough and virtual reality is gradually entering our lives just as its ancestor computer and internet did in the past. The world of cinema have already got a deal with virtual reality by using it in movies and now the art world is ready for the big move.

There emerged artists who make art solely for virtual reality devices to see, either for money or for free. It must be amazing for an artist to be finally totally free, to be not stuck with pen and paper. In virtual reality, you can create whatever you imagine: you can create whole new universe.

Does that mean that in the future museums will not be places that you go to, but places online that you visit through your virtual reality device? Or can we read Marvel’s comics using our VR devices and actually be able to see every single detail? Nobody knows where this virtual reality technology is leading us to, but one thing is certain: the future will be very different from our daily lives today.


Apparently: Seemingly

Artsy: Something that is very artistic

Afford: To have the money to pay for something

Household: A whole family

Device: Machine


According to the passage, what was the first computer like?

  1. Not very different from what it is today
  2. Pretty big, but affordable
  3. Small enough to fit on a table and cheap
  4. Big enough to fill a whole room and very expensive

What other sector have already been using virtual reality before the art world?

  1. E-commerce
  2. Cinema, movie making
  3. Trade
  4. Fitness

What does the writer think that the future will be like?

  1. We will live in a world of virtual reality
  2. We will never walk but fly instead
  3. We will not go to museums but visit them online
  4. We will work from our home with VR devices

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(4) Big enough to fill a whole room and very expensive

(2) Cinema, movie making

(3) We will not go to museums but visit them online


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