What IS Global WARMING?

The media may not be warning us as much as it should, but we still have an urgent problem waiting to be solved: global warming. This devious problem sounds like a natural one, but actually this problem is created by our reckless living styles. What is global warming?


The term is quite literal: our planet is warming on a global scale. A bit of warmer weather won’t kill, you say? Well, you are wrong. Global warming first of all causes climate changes. The world has not been this hot on summer and winters are also getting shorter and warmer. This causes the massive glaciers in the northern parts of the world to gradually melt.

The amount of melting per year is low, but when decades past it gets serious. These huge glaciers melt and increase the water levels everywhere. Some mega cities have already started to plan their city all over again as the buildings have a risk of sinking under the water. Some scientists even believe that the future will have “water-cities” in the midst of the ocean.

The melting down of the glaciers is also horrible for the animals living there. These animals are suitable for a cold habitat and their body does not deal with the heat well. Now the glaciers are getting smaller and these animals are gradually dying. As the whole natural life is like a chain connected to one another, the disappearance of one species may be catastrophic for all of the chain and break it.

There are also economic outcomes. For nearly half of the year, the weather is so hot that it is impossible to go out at noon. Not imagine you have to work outside. Construction projects are slowing down, water is limited and harvest is also at risk. Now this is not a bit of warming, is it?


In the midst of: In the middle of

Outcome: Result, a consequence

Catastrophic: Involving great damage

Massive: Exceptionally large

Devious: Deceiving


According to the passage, which of the followings is not a negative outcome of global warming?

  1. Massive glaciers melting down
  2. Animals of cold habitats dying
  3. Air conditioners selling more
  4. Water levels raising

What does the writer mean by “broken chain” mentioned in the passage?

  1. That there is literally a chain being broken
  2. That the chain is a metaphor for global warming
  3. That the chain is the chain of creatures and a problem in one means a problem for all of us
  4. That the chain is a universal law accepted by every country to protect people from heat

In what way can the water levels rising up have an effect on our modern cities?

  1. The buildings may sink under the water
  2. The cars may be useless
  3. First floors may have to be removed
  4. Sharks may come to the cities

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(3) Air conditioners selling more

(3) That the chain is the chain of creatures and a problem in one means a problem for all of us

(1) The buildings may sink under the water


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