We have been waiting for years to be able to use flying cars with our cool futuristic clothes, but where is it? I’m still using the public buses that were manufactured back in 80’s, where is my shiny future? At least answer me this: when will we use electric cars?


OK, hold your horses for a minute and listen to me: we have already been using electric cars, but a futuristic revolution from science fiction movies with flying cars did not happen because we are still trying these new cars and they are very expensive at the moment.

In Japan, electric cars can already be bought and used. There are “electric stations” on road that are specially designed for electric cars, but as their manufacture is still far away from being the mainstream trend, we still cannot see electric cars on the streets.

The future of electric cars is also determined by the market. If petroleum is too cheap and electricity too expensive, who would invest in electric cars? First, we need time to see whether the market will be ready or not. But researchers believe that may be possible at a date as early as 2020s.

We are only 3 years away from 2020, should I cancel my plan to buy a new car and wait for the technology? Well, maybe it is too early for such a decision, but if the battery prices keep falling, the car you are currently driving may be old-fashioned in a matter of 10 years.

If we are only a decade away from electric cars, what is the next step for humankind? Will we be able to stop killing each other and start enjoying an eco-friendly peaceful life? That is probably even more difficult than designing flying cars, I’m afraid.


Mainstream: Normal

Eco-friendly: Not harmful to the environment

Futuristic: Having very modern technology or design

Hold Your Horses: Calm down

Humankind: People


According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?

  1. The future of electric cars depends on the market
  2. The future is here, electric cars are everywhere
  3. The design of a flying car is already available
  4. Japan still waits the manufacture of a sample electric car

Why is there no electric car out on the streets?

  1. They are forbidden internationally
  2. They are too expensive right now
  3. They can fly, so you cannot see them on the streets
  4. They can only be found in Scandinavian countries

According to the passage, will the advance of the technology end the wars?

  1. Yes, immediately
  2. No, there is no such possibility
  3. Maybe, but the chances are low
  4. The passage does not answer this question

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(1) The future of electric cars depends on the market

(2) They are too expensive right now

(3) Maybe, but the chances are low


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