World’s FIRST Temple: Göbeklitepe

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For years on and on, history books claimed one thing: ancient hunter-gatherer people started to settle down after they found agriculture. All kids from all around the world had to learn this as a historical fact about ancient civilizations. But a recent finding suggests right the opposite. History books might be wrong.


A recent research on an excavation site in South Eastern Turkey suggests that maybe people did not settle down after they found agriculture. Maybe they settled down because a region was very, very important to them. That excavation site I’m talking about is Göbeklitepe Temple.

According to scientists, this temple is a prehistoric worship site. Earlier researchers thought that this place was a mere cemetery and did not pay attention to the findings. But later it is found out that this place is actually the oldest temple of the world.

Located only six miles away from the Urfa city, Göbeklitepe consists of massive carved stones which are 11,000 years old. Mind you, famous Stone Hedge is only 6,000 years old. The weird thing is: this site was created when people had not yet developed any metal tools or pottery. So how did they do it? And why?

Klaus Schmidt, a German archaeologist who has been working on Göbeklitepe for decades, believes that in old ages the area was just like a paradise. Rich with fruits and animals, this place was attractive for ancient people who did not yet started farming.

Schmidt also says he could not find any evidence that people lived on Göbeklitepe. With massive carved stones in T-shape, Göbeklitepe was only used for worshipping. Schmidt searched the area with ground-penetrating radar and believed that the bigger part of the temple is still inside the earth and is even bigger than everyone think. The mystery is, how did ancient people achieve to build this massive place? Amazing!


Massive: Very, incredible big

Excavation: Digging up the earth to find historical evidence

Ground-penetrate radar: Radar that can see beneath the earth

Cemetery: Graveyard, a site where dead people are buried

Agriculture: Farming


According to the passage, which of the following statements is false?

  1. Göbeklitepe is the oldest temple in Turkey
  2. A British archeologist had been working on the site for decades
  3. Göbeklitepe is older than Stone Hedge
  4. Göbeklitepe is the oldest temple in the world

Which Turkish city is closest to the site?

  1. Ankara
  2. İskenderun
  3. Urfa
  4. Van

What makes Göbeklitepe ground-breaking for history classes?

  1. It is T-shaped
  2. It is a worshipping site
  3. It is older than the Stone Hedge
  4. It suggests people started settling down before agriculture


(2) A British archeologist had been working on the site for decades

(3) Urfa

(4) It suggests people started settling down before agriculture



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